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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Youth for Ron Paul surpasses 110,000

According to Jack Hunter at the Daily Paulitical Ticker.

The big question is-- what will the kids do when Dr. Paul retires? Will they remain committed to his principles?

Jack correctly points out that many a revolution began with far fewer members. Paul supporters are famously passionate and committed as well. But an interesting quirk of human nature is the need for people to find a leader that embodies the ideals they feel passionately about. I can't think of any major political movements in western history that survived without a singular hero for its adherents to rally around. Ideas are just ideas. It takes a leader to rally people, even in a movement that favors decentralization and free thinking.

Conventional wisdom is saying at present that Rand Paul will assume his father's mantle as leader of the liberty movement. Assuredly others, such as Justin Amash, will fill in the talent gap in the coming years, as will many others heretofore unheard of. Time will tell.

These are exciting times to be a libertarian. The movement is still small and focused, still incredibly passionate and believes intensely in Dr. Paul's ideals. This sort of passion often doesn't last more than a decade, so we had better make enormous strides, and very soon.

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