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Monday, April 16, 2012

Inaugural Post

Welcome friends.

Nearly four years into the Ron Paul R3volution, it is eminently apparent to those of us who call ourselves libertarians, and this election season, to America at large, that something is amiss. What in 2008 might have been dismissed as a quirk of American politics--the loony, marginal fringe group we call libertarians--has become a force in the 2012 election cycle. What some of us call the "Liberty Movement," others know as the Ron Paul phenomenon... whatever it is, it is continuing to make an impact on the American political landscape.

We have witnessed, for the first time in its history, serious public scrutiny of the Federal Reserve system, once so mysterious that even most congressmen didn't understand it.For the first time in American history, 2012 saw two libertarians running for president, extolling the virtues of the young-- the belief that only deep, drastic change, the kind of change that drills down into our political and cultural foundations can shake things up enough to change the disastrous course that nearly everyone agrees our society is headed for. If the demographics of the Ron Paul movement that coalesced these past four years hold over the coming decades, we may witness a sea change in the American political landscape.

Whether we ever witness that sort of change in our lifetimes, or if the change we seek ever leads to the ends that we envision, remains to be seen. The purpose of this journal is to serve as a resource to both myself and other libertarians as a means of calculating the successes of our own movement, so that we have some idea of the improvements and accomplishments we can attribute to our own battles to increase awareness of the evils of statism, as well as legislative and judicial victories.

This blog is also for any people out there fighting for liberty who, like me, occasionally despair and need a pick me up-- just a quick read to remind you that, yes, what we are doing not just important, it is actually WORKING. I have studied revolutionary movements off and on over the past fourteen years and I can attest that incremental change can in fact pay off... and sometimes very quickly and unexpectedly as concatenating events move people to shape their destinies.

I honestly have no idea if I will find enough material to post with any regularity, so I welcome submissions. Send me links to articles, stats, whatever you find interesting. If something good happened, lets let people know!



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